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Presented by Channel 4's advertising team, 4Sales, 4Talks is the thought leadership platform that aims to explore and discuss challenging and thought-provoking subjects across ad-land.

Held every fortnight, we will be presenting open and brave discussions about topics that expose gaps in our knowledge. This is vital if we are to improve our understanding of difficult and sensitive topics. At Channel 4, we welcome debate which challenges the status-quo, debate that provokes a reaction around our core challenge - changing behaviour and thoughts.

We know we're not the experts, but we believe we can help to provide a platform to learn, develop and improve - and we're inviting you to join us. Take a look at our new season of sessions below to find out more.

Spring 2021 Season

In our first 4Talks season of 2021, leading up to Easter, we present a range of free interactive webinar sessions for you to join and share with your colleagues

The good, the bad and the overused stereotypes of LGBTQ+ representation in modern day advertising

In collaboration with the Diversity Standards Collective, we heard first-hand from expert consultants in the community on how they felt about their own representation in content and how and why we can all do better. 

The live session took place on 18th Feb, but can be watched on-demand below.

Jason Armstrong, Talent Director, Jones Knowles Richie

Ben Pechey, Freelance Writer & Author

Ugla Stefani, Trans Activist, Writer and Film Maker

Asha Harkness, Diversity Consultant and Marketer

Rich Miles, Founder, Diversity Standards Collective

Trans-Visibility representation

We explore the creative process and representation of the trans and non-binary community in advertising on screen. 

Joined by the creative minds that produced powerful campaigns such as Missguided ‘However You Nude’ along with some of the inspiring activists in the community, this exclusive session hopes to inspire and inform you on how brands really can be on the right side of change.

The live session took place on March 4th, but can be watched on-demand below.

Treasure Deloren, Creative Director

Rhiannon Lewis, Managing Partner & Senior Producer, The Gate Films

Dani St James, Model & Founder, Not A Phase

Kyle De'Volle, Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist


Why aren’t more women at the table?  Men’s role in driving change in our industry

While there has been a clear shift in attitudes and actual progress towards more inclusive workplaces for many women, it still remains very slow, and in some cases it has ground to a halt in our industry.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we will be joined by Sue Unerman, Mark Edwards and Kathryn Jacob OBE, authors of Belonging: The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity, who have discovered one major problem that is holding back the move towards greater diversity: why aren’t most men getting involved?

A call to action for all men and women in building a more inclusive culture and a greater sense of belonging in business.

Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer, Mediacom

Kathryn Jacob OBE, CEO, Pearl and Dean

Mark Edwards, Author

Amy Jenkins, Agency Sales Lead, Channel 4

Ageism in Advertising: A grey area in our industry?

Often portrayed as Werther’s Originals- wielding grandads, those in need of a funeral plan - or worse- completely ignored, are brands avoiding and irritating a huge part of the UK population by failing to represent older people effectively on screen?   

On screen representation isn’t the only challenge.  In an arguably youth obsessed industry, are we too slow in recognising the issue of ageism and how it affects our workforce?

In this session, we discuss the uncomfortable truth of ageism in advertising; within the industry and in on-screen representation.  Giving our audience, industry leaders’ opinions on what we can all do to create a more aspirational culture on being older and avoiding cliché depictions in our creative content.

Steven Pollack, Head of Media Communications, Nestle UK&I

Sue Frogley, CEO, Publicis Media

Rania Robinson, CEO, Quiet Storm

Angus Mitchell, Agency & Client Sales Leader, Channel 4

Chris Meredith, CEO, Greys Matter

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