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Monday 22nd February

C4, 8.30pm – Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites

Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites returns for a new series, as much-loved chef Jamie Oliver creates exciting recipes at home for his family - and for us - with new ways to use the ingredients that we already know and love. Now, more than ever, we need solutions to help us feed ourselves, and our families, every day of the week. With a glimpse into life at the Oliver household, this series inspires us with easy ideas for simple, affordable and delicious meals, celebrating the ingredients we buy all the time and using them in fun and exciting ways, helping us all to create new family favourites. Jamie kicks off this series by reinventing the glorious roast chicken by combining it with another favourite - the Margherita pizza. Cooking it over a juicy bed of ripe tomatoes and sprinkling it with basil, he serves this delicious, summery chicken with giant mozzarella-stuffed gnocchi. Jamie also takes inspiration from one of his family's favourite takeaway dishes to create the perfect snack for sharing - a prawn toast toastie served with sweet chilli sauce and a quick cucumber pickle.



E4, 10pm – Teen First Dates

The new series Teen First Dates finds hungry-for-love teenagers taking their first steps into the daunting world of dating. With a familiar welcome from the BAFTA-award winning First Dates maître d' Fred Sirieix, the brand-new Manchester restaurant opens its doors to a raft of tender teens. The brave bunch of 16-19-year-olds have decided to ditch their digital lives and experience a date in real life. For many it will be their first ever 'first date', as they try to overcome the awkward silences, find their confidence, and discover why they've been matched. Some will even take their first bite of love, while others find it all a bit too hard to swallow. In the first episode, flamboyant art student Archie seeks a muse to paint his future with. Archie's love of camp culture hits all the right notes with 19-year-old musician Eden. Next up is sporty, smart and single Denzel. He's looking for an athletic, ambitious, family-focused girl. When fellow-basketball player and track athlete Mariam enters the restaurant, Denzel's chiselled jaw drops, and it's not long before they are planning a honeymoon to the Caribbean. Self-confessed 'ladette' Maddison is 'one of the boys' in her friendship group - but has so far struggled to find a boy of her own. Bricklaying-apprentice Jacob is looking to cement a relationship with a girl who'll get on with his mates. So, when these young Londoners open up about their challenging life experiences, it seems like there could be a strong foundation for love. There's a lot of pressure on 18-year-old Dom, whose parents met on a blind date and got engaged on their second. When his date arrives, not only do they share the same name, but also the exact same birthday. And when Dom orders fish and chips, and the other Dom reveals he works in a chippy, it seems like fate. But will the Doms be each other's catch of the day, or will one Dom let the other slip through the net?

Teen first dates


Tuesday 23rd February

E4, 7.30pm – Below Deck Mediterranean

The crew's effort to stream a football game in the middle of the Med doesn't go as planned, but their efforts don't go unnoticed by the guests. Ben redeems himself after the previous night's Moussaka mishaps. Bobby crushes on Julia, and a homesick Jen feels like she's getting assigned all of the tedious tasks by Bryan and is being underutilised. And after staying up all night with the Primary's husband, Tiffany breaks down after Hannah confronts her for not finishing her duties.

Below Deck

C4, 10pm – First Dates

First into the new First Dates Manchester restaurant in this episode is Nathaniel, a 20-year-old student at university in Derby. Despite his famous cousin Big Narstie inviting him to all the best parties, Nathaniel has little luck with the ladies - his 'DMs are dry'. Nathaniel's date is with 21-year-old office manager Victoria. Strong and confident on social media, Victoria describes herself as 'a mess' when it comes to dating and is looking for someone who likes her for who she really is. Jean is a former pin-up girl from another era. The 83-year-old seeks a man who can keep up with her hectic lifestyle and love of long walks. Fellow 83-year-old John works out with a personal trainer every week. But will Jean prove too hot for him to handle? Thirty-year-old housekeeper Luke struggles to meet people in the small town in Devon where he lives, but dreams of finding an 'upbeat, fun Latino', to go dancing with. Luke's date is 25-year-old David from Portugal. David and Luke bond over their matching colour-co-ordinated outfits. Will they tango off into the night or will their flirty banter be lost in translation? Hoping to find the man of her dreams is 35-year-old midwife Kat, who longs to experience motherhood for herself. Her job means she meets all sorts of great men; but, as expectant dads, they're all taken. Kat's date is 38-year-old former strongman Matt, whose dream is to build a family of his own. They hit it off from the start. But Kat has a big reveal to share, that she's committed to being a surrogate mum for a gay couple. Will Matt be the one to embrace her plans?

First Dates


Wednesday 24th February

M4, 7.55pm – Cricket Highlights: India V England 3rd Test: Day 1

Rishi Persad presents highlights of Day 1 of England's third Test against India from Ahmedabad. England's hopes of securing a place in the inaugural World Test Championship are very much alive.



C4, 9pm – Extraordinary Escapes With Sandi Toksvig

In this brand-new series, broadcaster and national treasure Sandi Toksvig explores the delights of the UK's wildest, most remote and beautifully designed holiday digs, accompanied by some of the nation's most fascinating and funny women who she's been longing to spend quality time with. Sandi's given the keys to some of the very best staycation spots for her and her guests - all awe-inspiring properties built to make the most of the stunning landscape around them. From a lighthouse cottage on a private island near the Isle of Skye and a stunning tree house in the Wye Valley, to the only nature reserve in England in which you can stay, each episode visits a different region and promises hidden away places offering glorious sanctuary. In this episode, Sandi's joined by comedian, broadcaster and friend Sindhu Vee on some extraordinary Scottish escapes. She may have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but Sindhu has never made it outside the Scottish capital, never mind the Highlands and Islands... until now. Their first stop is a private island off the coast of Skye, where a lighthouse keeper's cottage offers guests the ultimate escape, while a delivery of freshly caught shellfish offers Sandi the opportunity to show off her cooking skills and for the pair to appreciate their close friendship. They swap their cosy cottage for courageous and bold design when they set upon an architecturally spectacular, luxury shooting lodge. But, nestled deep in a 57,000-acre Highland estate, it's the tranquil views across mountain, glen and lochside that make the biggest impression on Sandi and Sindhu. And small but perfectly formed, their last stop is a unique handmade bolthole for two - an elliptical shaped home built to celebrate the island views of the Inner Hebrides and the Sound of Mull.

Extraordinary Escapes


Thursday 25th February

C4, 8pm – How To Keep A Healthy Weight With Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley reunites five volunteers, whose health he helped transform in Lose a Stone in 21 Days with Michael Mosley, in a bid to myth-bust some of the common misconceptions around healthy weight management. Using cutting edge tests and technology to illustrate that the calories our volunteers actually need, day to day, could be different to the NHS's recommended daily amounts, the programme investigates whether weight loss inevitably leads to putting weight back on again, and explores whether exercise is as helpful as we think. There is also bespoke advice to each volunteer on how to achieve a healthy weight for the long term.



C4, 9pm – Stand Up And Deliver

For most people, the thought of performing stand-up comedy is a nightmare-inducing act of terrifying exposure. But five plucky celebrities are about to take on the challenge of their lives in support of Stand Up To Cancer. While professional comedians take years to hone their craft, find their comedy voice and assume a convincing stage persona, our famous faces have just over two weeks to refine their act, before they take to the stage in front of a comedy-hungry crowd. Five of the UK's top comics mentor the celebrities through the process: David Baddiel coaches broadcaster and former Communard Reverend Richard Coles, Jason Manford shepherds Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, Nick Helm guides Tory peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Judi Love drills Love Island star and dancer Curtis Pritchard and Zoe Lyons champions former Coronation Street actor Katie McGlynn. In this first episode, the five celebrities are thrown in at the deep end as their mentors put them straight on stage to gauge their sense of natural comedic talent - in some cases, very little! Katie McGlynn struggles without a script to hand, Curtis Pritchard teeters on the edge of a very cringey overperformance and Shaun Ryder, who has ADHD, has a complete mind blank and immediately forgets the stories he wants to tell the audience. Reverend Richard Coles' mentor David Baddiel was hoping for something more original and unexpected, and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi's left-leaning tutor Nick Helm cannot believe his task is to make a Tory look good. With just 15 days to perfect their act, Shaun and Sayeeda go back to their roots to gather material, Katie rushes to write herself a script to help overcome her nerves, Curtis is drilled in dropping the jazz hands and David attempts to push Richard into darker material, suggesting he draw on his grief following the death of his partner. However, Jason Manford appears to have the biggest mountain of all to climb with Shaun. Despite Shaun displaying an extraordinary degree of confidence, he tells his mentor he has nothing to worry about and will just be able to wing it on the night... Throw in an attempt to persuade a vicar to add some swear words to his set, a Baroness in fancy dress and some excruciating practice performances, and it's no surprise that the celebrities and their mentors wonder if they've taken on too big a challenge.

Stand up and deliver

Friday 26th February

C4, 8pm – Grayson’s Art Club

For the first episode of the new series of Grayson's Art Club, Grayson and Philippa Perry are joined by musician and artist Boy George, who creates an artwork inspired by family, which is the show's theme of the week. Grayson also meets photographer David Bailey, to talk about his passion for painting; and artist Yinka Illori, whose work fuses stories from his British and Nigerian heritage. There is a special contribution from guests, including Harry Hill. And Grayson and Boy George select their favourite public art submissions of the week.

Graysons art club

C4, 9pm – Gogglebox

Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a 17th series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows. From entertainment juggernauts and the week's biggest news stories, to hard-hitting documentary series and gritty drama, Gogglebox offers sharp, hilarious, and often emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows.



Saturday 27th February

C4, 8.30am – Live Cricket: India V England 3rd Test: Day 4

Live coverage of the penultimate day of England's all-important third Test against India from Ahmedabad, throughout the day. Sir Alastair Cook joins Rishi Persad in the studio.



C4, 9pm –  Star Trek Beyond

In the second half of tonight's double bill, Chris Pine stars in Justin Lin's sci-fi adventure (the third instalment of the rebooted series), from a script co-written by Simon Pegg (who plays Scotty). Almost three years into their five-year mission seeking diplomatic relations with new life forms in uncharted territories, Kirk (Pine) is tiring of the job. When the USS Enterprise stops for provisions and leave at Yorktown (the Federation's newest, most advanced starbase), Kirk intends to relinquish his captaincy and apply to become Yorktown's Vice Admiral. But his plan is interrupted when an unidentified escape pod arrives, carrying an alien from an unstable nebula, who asks for help in rescuing her craft, which crash landed on the planet Altamid. Kirk is ordered to retrieve the alien crew. But as they venture into conditions that prevent any contact with the Federation, they immediately come under lethal attack. As the Enterprise is dismantled around them, the surviving crew find themselves stranded on Altamid, far beyond Federation help...

Star Trek


Sunday 28th February

C4, 7pm – A New Life In The Sun: Road Trip

In this brand-new series, Fred Sirieix takes us on a road trip around some of Europe's most beautiful locations, meeting the Brits who have set up lives abroad. In this episode, we're on a tour of southern Spain's whitewashed villages in Andalucía, where three sets of expats each run beautiful boutique hotels. We meet a couple with a grand plan to host weddings and another learning on the job. And can a single mum juggle work and family?

A new life in the sun


M4, 10pm – Surviving A Serial Killer

Few have survived a face-to-face meeting with a murderer and lived to tell the tale. In this new documentary series, Surviving a Serial Killer delves into the personal stories of the people who have done just that. Be they a stranger, a friend, or a lover, these brave individuals have decided to speak out about their close encounter with evil. Flipping the traditional narrative of a crime documentary on its head - the focus is not on the perpetrator, but instead on the people whose lives they so affected. In the first episode, Rhonda Stapley was a student at the University of Utah when she was attacked by one of America's most infamous serial killers - Ted Bundy. She is one of few people who have survived encountering him.

Surviving a serial killer

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