Advertising Technical Specs & Deadlines

All the technical information, booking deadlines and delivery deadlines that you need to know if you're creating or sending any advertising copy to us.

Our channels

Channel 4 Traffic are responsible for commercial airtime on the following channels and platforms:

Channel 4

Channel 4, 4Seven, E4, More 4, Film 4, All 4


W, Dave, Alibi, Gold, Eden, Drama, Yesterday, UKTV Play

The Box Plus Network

4Music, Heat, Kiss, Kerrang!, Magic, Smash Hits, The Box


HGTV, Really


Tech Specs

For tech spec queries, please contact your advert and sponsorship delivery provider (Adstream, Adtoox or Peach).

Ad Specs

  • Clearcast's advice for new superimposed text rules

    Download (PDF, 663.5KB)

    Do's and don'ts concerning the new superimposed text guidelines which come into effect on March 1st 2019

Ad Clearing

Commercials for linear and VoD (All 4) must conform to the current BCAP Television Advertising Standards Code. (Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice). All commercials intended for transmission on any of the services listed above must be approved by Clearcast prior to broadcast.

Clearcast: +44 (0)20 7339 4700



We accept clock delivery through Adstream, Peach or Adtoox to transmission sites.

From 1st October, we will require all advertisers to use CARIA to send copy instructions for all campaigns, excluding those that include specific spot reqyests and PVX. For more information, click here.

UKTV are in the process of moving broadcast playout providers from Redbee to SES, which will allow them to broadcast in HD. Therefore, any commercials previously supplied before the 1st June 2020 and going forward, will need to be resupplied through Adstream or Peach. SES will still be able to ingest SD commercials, although HD should be your preference.


Adstream: +44 (0)20 7539 8400

Peach +44 (0)20 7468 6868

Adtoox +44 287 114 0100 /



For any queries or further clarification relating to the specification and delivery of copy, please contact:


Christmas & New Year 2020 - Joint Broadcaster Copy Deadlines

Day Airdate

Copy Instructions


Copy Delivery &

Approval By

Monday 7th December 02-Dec 02-Dec
Tuesday 8th December 03-Dec 03-Dec
Wednesday 9th December 04-Dec 04-Dec
Thursday 10th December 07-Dec 07-Dec
Friday 11th December 08-Dec 08-Dec
Saturday 12th December 08-Dec 08-Dec
Sunday 13th December 08-Dec 08-Dec
Monday 14th December 09-Dec 09-Dec
Tuesday 15th December 10-Dec 10-Dec
Wednesday 16th December 11-Dec 11-Dec
Thursday 17th December 14-Dec 14-Dec
Friday 18th December 15-Dec 15-Dec
Saturday 19th December 15-Dec 15-Dec
Sunday 20th December 15-Dec 15-Dec
Monday 21st December 16-Dec 16-Dec
Tuesday 22nd December 17-Dec 17-Dec
Wednesday 23rd December 18-Dec 18-Dec
Thursday* 24th December 18-Dec 18-Dec
Friday** 25th December 21-Dec 21-Dec
Saturday 26th December 22-Dec 22-Dec
Sunday 27th December 22-Dec 22-Dec
Monday** 28th December 22-Dec 22-Dec
Tuesday 29th December 22-Dec 22-Dec
Wednesday  30th December 23-Dec 23-Dec
Thursday 31st December 23-Dec 23-Dec
Friday** 1st January 23-Dec 23-Dec
Saturday 2nd January 23-Dec 23-Dec
Sunday 3rd January 30-Dec 30-Dec
Monday 4th January 30-Dec 30-Dec

* Clearcast Closed **Bank Holiday           

Normal Delivery: Copy Instructions, and copy should be delivered and approved at least 2 clear working day before transmission to avoid a late surcharge.                                  

For VoD campaigns running between 23rd Dec 2020 – 4th Jan 2021, all copy, rotations, tracking tags & copy changes need to be received by 16th December.                               



  1. Copy Received Dates are to avoid late copy surcharges being applied by some Broadcasters.
  2. UK Broadcasters are those represented by: ITV, Channel 4, Sky Media, & Turner Broadcasting
  3. Agencies with clients for whom the indicated deadlines are impractical should contact individual broadcaster sales representatives directly to agree their requirements. (e.g. Newspapers)                                     



2021 Advanced Booking Deadlines


AB Deadline


Tuesday 1st December 2020


Tuesday 5th January 2021


Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Tuesday 30th March 2021


Tuesday 27th April 2021


Wednesday 2nd June 2021


Tuesday 29th June 2021


Tuesday 3rd August 2021


Wednesday 1st September 2021


Tuesday 28th September 2021


Tuesday 2nd November 2021